Are you looking to purchase your first home and get onto the property ladder? Many different lenders offer attractive first time borrowing rates with as little as 5% deposit needed, along with other Government backed schemes such as Help to Buy that help you get on the property market. If this is your first time in this unfamiliar territory let me help take the burden away so you have peace of mind when arranging the most suitable mortgage product to meet your requirements.

Interest rates and circumstances are always changing and your current deal may not be the most suitable anymore. Whether your current product is coming to an end, or you’ve had a change in circumstances or just want to benefit from a lower interest rate there may be more suitable alternatives available from other providers. Let me investigate whether there is a better option for you that would meet your requirements by comparing the whole of the market on your behalf.

It is stressful enough trying to find a buyer whilst dealing with the sale and purchase of your new home. Let me help you reduce the stress and give you peace of mind that your new mortgage deal is the best available for your requirements through the whole of the market.

Raising capital to cover costs for home improvements, debt consolidation or for other purposes, can sometimes be met with high interest rates outside your current mortgage agreement and application fees. It might be possible to review the whole mortgage for your new requirements, and benefit from a better product.

The buy to let market continues to grow, whether you are looking to add to your property portfolio or are looking for a regular monthly rental income. I can help find the best mortgage product available from the whole of market meeting your requirements.

Once you have secured your mortgage offer it is important to protect your future assets against life uncertainties. Unexpected events strike when we least expect it. There are various protection policies available to protect you against these events that will make sure you are covered and give you peace of mind. Some examples are listed below:

  • Life assurance

    A protection policy which helps protect your family and home in the event of death. If you were to die your mortgage debt does not die with you. If it was unaffordable, the family could end up potentially losing their home. Taking out life assurance can ensure the mortgage is paid and leave your family mortgage free to help ease the burden of such a loss.

  • Critical illness

    A protection policy that will pay a lump sum out if you become diagnosed with a specified medical illness or injury listed in a policy i.e. heart attack, stroke, cancer. This lump sum is designed to help pay off the mortgage, or to provide a lump sum if you are unable to work again as you will still be responsible for the mortgage even if you cannot work.

  • Income protection

    There are also other income protection policies designed to protect your quality of life if you couldn’t work due to an unforeseen event, if you were sick or accidentally injured and couldn’t work and you wanted to protect your income. We can review your requirements and discuss the most suitable income protection policy for you.

Client’s individual requirements can always change as well with lifestyle changes and we can always review protection policies to make sure they are still meeting your individual requirements. As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.

Taylor Mortgages offers you professional advice from the whole of the market. Whether you’re a first time buyer, moving house or looking to re-mortgage, I can offer my services to you. I will share exclusive deals with you and explain them so that you can understand them fully. A priority of mine is to gain rapport with my clients. Our services are personal, which means we shall give you unbiased and honest advice. We keep you and your assets protected with our policies while meeting your individual requirements.

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