A Mortgage is the biggest financial commitment you will ever take on, securing the right product and rate is essential to make sure your current and future financial goals are met.

There are so many different types of mortgage products available, from various different banks and building societies at any one time. The products offered and the rates can change on a daily basis as does the acceptance criteria you need to meet to qualify for them. So rather than go up and down the high street trying to find the best deal, let me help you with mortgage comparison and take away the stress and inconvenience of placing a mortgage with the right lender.

I am an unbiased mortgage broker so am not tied to any one bank or mortgage lender, meaning I can source from the whole of the market to find you the best mortgage available based for your individual circumstances, potentially saving you thousands of pounds. I am based in the Nottingham area, and also see clients in surrounding areas. I offer a friendly approachable service which is always primarily focussed on meeting the client’s requirements and offering second to none customer service.

I can source from the whole of the market to find you the best mortgage available!”

After the Mortgage market review implemented in April 2014, it has made it trickier to navigate your way through all the different mortgage provider’s lending criteria. This is just part of my mortgage comparison service and when searching the market for the best deal for you I will also be making sure you are meeting necessary criteria, in order to secure a mortgage offer from the right provider.

My promise to my clients is to offer a friendly, personal service, helping you feel comfortable in this unfamiliar territory, while meeting your individual requirements and securing the best mortgage rates available. I will always go the extra mile to provide you with excellent customer experience and to exceed your expectations and build a long standing relationship.

Customer service is at the heart of my business, as at the end of the day I am working for you. I will ensure you are fully aware of all the details of any agreement you undertake to take away any uncertainties you may have over such a commitment. I will explain the costs and benefits of each mortgage and recommend the product most suitable to your requirements.

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